Miedema strives to grow, pack and deliver the freshest, most wholesome produce available using customer satisfaction, sustainable farming and food safety as our goals.

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Our Humble Beginning

Miedema Produce began in 1971 when brothers Gerald and Ron Miedema raised their first crops in Jenison, Michigan. The duo learned from their father, Ted, who had farmed in the Netherlands, immigrated to the United States, and used his vegetable growing expertise to make his start in the United States.

Miedema Produce began growing bright and crisp radishes, which is now our hallmark product being grown and produced today. Miedema Produce has since become one of the largest growers and shippers of radishes in the world.

Miedema Farms | Est. 1973

Hudsonville, Michigan

In 1973, we moved operations to our current location in Hudsonville, Michigan. This enabled us to add more variety to our offerings to meet the demand of our customers, including the addition of celery, parsnips, and turnips. As business continued growing, we added more vegetables, such as onions, cucumbers, peppers, summer squash, and lettuces to the product line. We’ve taken on expansion projects in 1973, 1976, and 1980 to keep up with global demand.

Miedema Farms | Est. 1998

Phoenix, Arizona

For some time, our For You® brand radishes were grown in Florida so the company could supply customers year around. In the search for a better soil and more reliable growing conditions, we opened farms in Phoenix, Arizona in 1998. Here, in the Valley of the Sun, Miedema found the perfect conditions for growing the finest radishes in the country. Our For You® radishes are now grown from November to May in Arizona and from June to October in Michigan.

State of the Art Facilities

Today, we ship more than one hundred different products to customers across the United States and Canada. Our organization now operates from new offices and state-of-the-art-production facilities incorporating that latest in production efficiencies and food safety. Our refrigerated space has recently doubled and our temperature controlled production facility has increased by 50%.

Naturally Abundant Farmlands

We are blessed in this great nation to have an abundance of farmland, and we work hard to preserve those precious assets. Our farmland includes the rich dark earth of Michigan lowlands, the sandy loam of the shorelines and the sun-drenched soils of Arizona. Miedema farmlands, and partner farmlands, are validated for safe and sustainable practices, including air and water quality, crop rotation, equipment and related planting, cultivating and harvesting equipment.

Contract Packaging


For You® brand produce is available in a variety of cello and bulk bags. We also offer contract and private label packing, as well as a variety of soup packs. If you don’t see what you need, please ask.

Growing the Miedema Family


Our produce is grown in the rich soils of Michigan and Arizona where we guarantee the optimal growth of each of our For You products. The combination of these soils, our growing expertise, our equipment’s cutting-edge technology and sustainable farming practices are the perfect mix to generate the flavors and textures that you come to expect from Miedema.