Spicy Parsnip Chips



  • 2 big parsnips (get them as fat as you can- they shrink so you want a good sized chip)
  • Several tablespoons of olive oil
  • Tabasco sauce (if you want them spicy)
  • Toasted sesame oil (for additional flavor)


  1. Wash and dry your parsnips. Don’t peel them- the skins help prevent the edges from burning too fast.
  2. Slice the parsnips using a mandolin, or your food processor. You want thin, evenly sliced rounds.
  3. Very sparingly, rub a little olive oil on each slice, and lay on a cookie sheet without overlapping. Sprinkle the Tabasco sauce and a touch of sesame oil for a little kick, and sprinkle salt/pepper on the slices. (the less oil, the better they bake. you could even try them oil free)
  4. Lay over top your parsnips a second cookie sheet (make sure it fits the bottom sheet). This presses them down and makes them crispier.
  5. Bake for 20 min at 250°F. At the 10 min mark, rotate your cookie sheet.
  6. After 20 min, remove the top cookie sheet, and continue baking 10-20 min. Careful- they burn easily!
  7. Remove and let cool on a wire rack- they get crispier as they cool.

NOTE: if they are still bendy, microwave them in small batches, 2 minutes at a time (make sure the center ones don’t burn!). I noticed the microwave fixed all ‘bendy’ issues very well

This simple plant-based/vegan recipe uses ForYou® brand parsnips and only has four ingredients. Looking for a healthy alternative to potato chips? These Spicy Parsnip Chips are it!