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French Leek and Onion Soup with cheese

Soups, Salads,
Chopped or Sliced.


There’s no end in site for how many different ways this unique root vegetable has found its way to the table. We’re sure you’ll think of more ways, too!


A staple in virtually every kitchen or BBQ, For You Onions offer a bit of sweetness and earthy flavor to cooked dishes, plus that tangy accent when served raw. Perfect for the avid chef or occasional burger griller. Available in red, yellow and white varieties in pack sizes from 2# to 25#. 

onions package
onions in a bag


Our fields are among the nation’s best for growing onions, especially in the sandy loams east of Lake Michigan, where the soil is slightly acidic.

[ Nutritional facts ]

15 Calories

0 Cholesterol

30% Vitamin C

0 Fat

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For You® Recipes

Parsnip Ice Cream? Radish Chip Dip? Here’s a variety of great recipes using Miedema produce and For You Radishes and Parsnips. Have your own idea? Let us know!

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