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radish tacos on a cutting board

Always Fresh,
Always Crisp.

FOR YOU® Radishes

Our For You® Brand radishes are an excellent addition to any meal. The not-too-hot flavor and perfectly crisp texture adds the perfect punch to your favorite dishes.


Forget everything you might think about this little red gem. First, it’s not little. Secondly, For You® Radishes have a delicious taste like no other. And third, we’ve trimmed and tailed them so you don’t have to. Just a quick wash and enjoy!

radish package
Closeup of For You Radish Chip bag


They’re dippers, snackers, sandwich picker-uppers and a fresh look for a garnish. For You® Radish Chips offer versatility on the party tray and in the kitchen. The variegated cut brings out more surface area for your taste buds with an eye-appealing presentation. A healthy alternative to everyday chips for dips; we did the work and you get the credit.


Add a little crunchy zest to your salad, sandwich and side dishes with For You® Radish MatchStixx™. We’ve done all the work! For You® Matchstixx™ are ready to enhance your next recipe with the distinctive flavor and texture of radishes; excellent as a garnish, too! No extra fat or calories; just pure crunchy flavor.

Closeup of For You Radish MatchStixx bag

[ Nutritional facts ]

15 Calories

0 Cholesterol

30% Vitamin C

0 Fat

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Parsnip Ice Cream? Radish Chip Dip? Here’s a variety of great recipes using Miedema produce and For You Radishes and Parsnips. Have your own idea? Let us know!

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