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caramelized parsnip salad in a bowl

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FOR YOU® Parsnips

Sweet and starchy, our cream-colored For You® parsnips are delicious and versatile. Perfect for roasting, stewing, or sautéing, our parsnips feature a sweet and earthy flavor that adds a delectable taste to any number of dishes.


This delicious root vegetable is a healthy alternative to potatoes; anything potatoes can do, parsnips can do better, with more flavor and less starch. Try it; you’ll like it!

parsnips package
parsnips in a bag


Serving more than your family? Try our 20lb bag and keep your menu fresh and inviting.

[ Nutritional facts ]

15 Calories

0 Cholesterol

30% Vitamin C

0 Fat

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Parsnip Ice Cream? Radish Chip Dip? Here’s a variety of great recipes using Miedema produce and For You Radishes and Parsnips. Have your own idea? Let us know!

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